Systems Engineer

About the job
The ideal candidate will help build, maintain, and troubleshoot the company’s rapidly expanding infrastructure. They will work alongside developers to ensure the highest levels of performance and ability, and manage any problems that arise.
·Systems Administration and Maintenance: Perform patching, vulnerability scanning, recovery/backups and technical support for AWS platform services, Linux EC2 instances and container-based workloads. This activity includes cloud operations support and management of AWS services such as EC2, EBS, S3, RDS, SQS etc.
• Support the design, implementation, and management of AWS cloud infrastructure solutions.
• Architect and optimize highly available, scalable, and fault-tolerant cloud environments.
• Lead the implementation of infrastructure automation, CI/CD pipelines to automate recurring tasks and enable efficient software deployment.
• Design, configure, and optimize AWS networking components, such as VPCs, subnets, route tables, and security groups.
• Implement security best practices and compliance standards within the AWS network infrastructure.
• Strong hands on shell scripting skills in either Bash, Bourne or Korn shell.
• Troubleshoot and resolve complex issues related to cloud infrastructure and applications.
• Monitor and optimize network performance, ensuring low latency, high availability, and fault tolerance.
• Implement AWS services like Amazon CloudFront, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and Amazon Route 53 for optimal traffic distribution.
• Stay up to date with the latest AWS services, best practices, and industry trends.
• Lead the evaluation and adoption of new technologies and tools to improve cloud infrastructure and operations.
Hands-on experience using and/or configuration of the following:
• Docker
• Jenkins
• Ansible
• Gitlab
• Terraform
• Cloud formation

How to apply

Qualified candidates should submit a resume to and identify the position for which they are applying.