People make the difference


Clear Markets strives to be a leader in electronic trading by adhering to these core values:

Cultivate Relationships

Clear Markets respects and values customers. We encourage their feedback and continuously improve our system to meet our clients’ needs.

Seek Excellent People

Clear Markets searches for the most talented team members and employs people from diverse backgrounds.

Use and Develop the Best Technology

The Clear Markets team has a history of innovation, including launching the first electronic trading platform for swaps. We upgrade our technology to stay at the edge. This is our third generation platform.


Clear Markets believes that creativity sparks innovation. Employees are emboldened to think beyond scope to provide a product that evolves with our client base.


Clear Markets supports open communication and sharing of information across all areas. Employees work together and with clients to share ideas and seek solutions.


Clear Markets is a leading innovator, developer, and operator of electronic marketplaces and trading technologies. The company has extensive experience building and operating electronic trading systems for complex fixed income and credit derivatives in the world’s major financial centers.

The Clear Markets management team includes respected pioneers in the development of the interest rate swap market. Their work has earned them a thorough understanding of legal and regulatory history for swaps policy and the transition from voice to electronic trading.

Clear Markets has offices in Tokyo, London, New York and Charlotte, North Carolina.


Multiple Trading Protocols and Functionality:

Quote (RFQ), Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), click-to-trade, limit/resting orders, and roll trading are just some of the functions available for users.


Interest rate swaps, interest rate futures (2016)

Global Reach:

Able to serve and support U.S. and non-U.S. participants in Asia, Europe, and North America

Independently Owned:

Meets U.S. SEF governance standards for independent ownership

Flexible Infrastructure:

Ability to adapt and adjust functionality to meet evolving participant needs and regulatory environments


Fully transparent pricing with executable bids and offers

No capital investment for clients:

Zero infrastructure and installation fees

Ease of use:

Fast and simple onboarding

Regulatory Approvals:

Complies with US CFTC, Japan FSA and UK FCA requirements

Cost efficiencies:

Transparent swap pricing reduces the cost of searching for the best swap; deals flow to straight through processing

Bilingual interface:

Japanese and English

Intelligent safeguards:

Risk thresholds and additional protections help you trade with confidence


Connected to both internal and third-party systems